CoWIN goes global: 100+ nations show interest

CoWIN goes global
CoWIN goes global

This is perhaps the first time any nation is making software developed by its public sector initiative open for the world. India is all set to develop a software platform for Covid19 vaccination drive, CoWIN, open-source for all countries to access, adapt and use.
Speaking at the CoWin Global Conclave on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Soon, CoWIN will be available to any and all countries.” The software can be customized to any country according to local requirements.

CoWin stands for Covid Vaccine Intelligent Work. Back in January 2021, the platform was unveiled by the union government as it launched the vaccination drive in the country. The website was created to give users a chance to book vaccine slots, keep a track of the overall vaccination drive in the country and download the Covid-19 vaccine certificate.

At the backend, it also allows healthcare providers to manage vaccine stock and keep a track of the workflow.

More than 100+ countries, as per the GOI, have shown their interest in CoWin platform. These countries include Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, among others.

The GOI has made it clear that the code for Cowin will be made open source and won’t attach any intellectual property rights to it.

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