Sunday, October 25, 2020

    Spoken English



    1. Use of Am, Is and Are
    2. Use of Was and Were
    3. Use of shall Be and will be
    4. Use of A, An and The
    5. Use of This, That, These and Those
    6. Possessive Adjectives, Possessive Pronouns & Possessive Case of Nouns
    7. Use of verb ‘to have’
    8. Use of Infinitive with Verb to have
    9. Use of infinitive with Verb ‘to be’
    10. Tense
    11. Future Tense & Future Time
    12. Adjectives of Quantity and Number
    13. Some More Hints on Interrogative Sentences
    14. Question Tags
    15. Introductory ‘There’
    16. Introductory ‘It’
    17. Use of Can, May, Should, Must & Ought
    18. Forms of Subjects
    19. Voice
    20. Direct and Indirect Speech/Narration
    21. Exercises for Revision
    22. Verb Forms


    1. The Sentence
    2. Subject and Predicate
    3. The Phrase and Clause
    4. Parts of Speech
    5. The Noun: Kinds of nouns, Gender, Number, Case
    6. Pronouns
    7. The Adjective
    8. The verb
    9. Adverb
    10. Preposition
    11. Conjunction
    12. Interjection
    13. Punctuation
    14. Emphatic
    15. Question Tag
    16. Voice
    17. Degree
    18. Articles
    19. Mood
    20. Tenses
    21. Phrases
    22. Clauses
    23. Analysis of Miscellaneous Sentences
    24. Transformation of Sentence
    25. Narration (Direct and Indirect Speech)
    26. Paragraph Writing
    27. Essay Writing
    28. Letter Writing
    29. Expansion of Passages
    30. Important Proverb
    31. Skill Development for writing and Speaking
    32. Discussion skill on a specific topic
    33. Few Important skill for an interview

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