Thursday, October 22, 2020

    Airbus announced concepts for a hydrogen-powered plane

    Airbus has announced zero-emission( 3 visual concepts) airplanes to be powered by hydrogen.

    Airbus has set itself a time limit of 2035 to put carbon-free aircraft into service and includes the ZEROe concepts for two conventional aircraft
    a) turbofan jet engine to carry up to 200 people over 200 nautical miles( 3,700 KM) b) turboprop able to carry up to 10 people for 1000 nautical miles.

    And Airbus Blended wing body (BWB), in this the liquid hydrogen storage tanks will be stored underneath the wings and thrust will be provided by two-hybrid hydrogen turbofan engines.

    Planemaker’s dismissed concerns that hydrogen would be dangerous and according to them it will be a massive investment in new energy infrastructure but hydrogen has been discussed from 1970 and it remains too expensive for widespread use. Infrastructure investment & demand may lower the cost.

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