Friday, January 21, 2022

    Five Interesting Features of Apple iOS 14

    User personal assistant Siri, which launched in 2011, is smarter this year 2020 and it is chattier & smarter.

    But still, Siri has that same way to reply, ” Here’s what I found on the Web”, instead of replying to you or answering you but it happened less often this time around.

    Two new features:
    a) Cycling directions
    b) Guides of cities like New York, San Francisco, and London with tips like what to do when visiting, planning to roll out to more cities in upcoming months.

    Compact Calls
    Whenever you talk on apple phone the black background of the call took over the entire screen but with this latest iOS 14 update people who talk on speaker, call portion will take a small portion of the screen, and the user will get see more iPhone real estate.

    Android Clones
    Now Apple user can customize their home screen like an android user by swiping the home screen to the left & clicking the edit button to add to the experience. Apple adds the “Translate feature into the iOS via preloaded Translate App or Siri personal assistant just Google’s translate app.

    Start your car with iOS 14
    This is one of the most interesting new features with the ability to use your iPhone to open your car and get the motor running. But this feature works with only one manufacturer BMW.

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