Friday, January 21, 2022

    Lets talk about the myth ” Python not used for professional software development?”

    Alright so today we are here to talk about the myth ” Python not used for professional software development?“. We do always keep getting news for various programming language here and there but that does not outweigh the Importance of Python.

    Python is a useful programming language. You may build websites, machine learning algorithms, and even autonomous devices like drones by this special programming Language. Python provides you the power to create almost everything. However most of you have been thinking that this is a kind of language which may not have been used in professional development but let me tell you companies like YouTube, Dropbox, Instagram, Spotify and more in this list uses Python as its Development Language…..

    Now you can look at the bigger picture and imagine yourself what’s the scope of getting a hand on experience on Python. You need to learn the basics of Python syntax before you go in to depth into your selected domain to make projects careful. Many online learning portal provides structured projects & these projects let you build interesting things in the respective domain.

    Choose an area you’re interested in, such as:

     Data science

    • Mobile Application

    • Websites Development

    • Games Development

    • Hardware

    • Sensors

    • Robots

    • Machine learning

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